Fun Fabulous Fierce’s Journey to Wellness (FFFJ2W) is a wellness community for women. All ages and fitness levels are welcome. Our “J2W Lady-Crew” is a community of women supporting one another to lead more fulfilling lives by working together in friendship to achieve goals and have fun.

Join us to become a triple threat: Fun-Fabulous-Fierce!

Register by emailing funfabulousfierce@gmail.com.
Click here to learn more about what we’re up to this week.

What will you find at FFF meetings?

1) Workouts: we start each session with a workout. Hiking, Zumba, Yoga and much more: we spend the first 30-60 minutes of each meeting centering ourselves by moving our bodies. Don’t worry if you’re new to something (or everything!) – all of our workouts can be done by newbies.

2) Goals: we each set personal SMART goals…fitness, career, lifestyle, nutrition, etc. Don’t worry, we can help you decide how to form your goals. We’ll even spend some time during each meeting discussing our goals and work together to help each other achieve them! (SMART=specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound). Read more from our FFF blog post about SMART goals.

3) Presenters: for a few of our meetings, we’ll listen to a guest speaker. Speakers’ topics range from nutrition to yoga to relationships to financial wellness. It’s always awesome to learn about different approaches to healthy lifestyles and it’ll always be fun!

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